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a bit about me:


I decided to start the beginning of the rest of my life in Israel in December 2018, after 8 wonderful years of professional experiences in Canada and France. In 2019, I became the POKE Girl of a remote beach in Panama where entrepreneurs and surfeurs meet.

I am known as a creative, innovative, passionate and solutions-oriented digital marketer specialized for more than 10 years in eCommerce and digital marketing for retail, tech including 8 years of corporate events production with an emphasis on business growth. 

For the last 2 years, I had the opportunity to be a digital projects consultant helping SMEs achieve their digital transformation successfully or find their ways through social media strategies working with American, French and Israeli companies. I also help companies with their online events production.

It is important for me to share my time within the community, thus I have been evolving into the startups ecosystem as a coach (in Canada) as well as advocating for the rise of "Women in Tech". Now in Israel, I am the Chapter Ambassador for the Women in Tech Israel Chapter. We help women embrace technology and close the gap of gender equality in the system. Today, my main goal is to keep learning about the business culture of this country. 


"I was impressed with Jenyfer's tenacity in delivering our sales budget. She successfully tripled our flash sales revenue by integrating customer feedback into our process." 

David Gordon, MSc, MBA, CFA

Technology Director @ National Bank of Canada

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